Monday, January 21, 2008

Arganese Maduro - Robusto

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Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican

Cigar Stars Rating: 9.0

This company has become a very recent addition to my cigar vocabulary. Created by a land developer and avid cigar smoker, this new company is really producing some spectacular smokes right now. The cigar reviewed here is from the Maduro line. The thing I really love about this company is that they break up their cigars into three blends, Mild, Medium, and Strong. And they are all really fantastic, with the Medium line (the Maduro's) rising to the top. With an introduction like that, I should just get down to business.

The only reason this cigar did not score higher was due to some of its cosmetic problems. The wrapper is veiny and toothy, not the best looking maduro wrapper I've come across, but its not ugly by any means. The cigar band is a bit tacky and cheap feeling, which wouldn't be an issue if this was just another cheap house brand smoke but this cigar can compete with the best of them, and I found myself longing for a band that said as much.

The cigar cut clean and pre-light draw tasted of chocolate and aged tobacco. The draw was perfect for my taste, the burn was even but I should note that the ash tends to curl and get blown off on this cigar, which is something I don't come across often. The first inch or so of this cigar tastes heavily of cappuccino. Further smoking brings in dark chocolate underlined by a hint of spice. This keeps up until the midway point where the chocolate fades to a heavy tobacco taste. The finish is short, in fact the whole smoke is short, and ends on that heavy tobacco taste with hints of spice throughout. Fabulous cigar, I currently have a few boxes on order and for the price, $6 a stick, I can't imagine why I haven't bought more...

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ablebodiedman said...

I have a friend going to Dominican to attend a wedding in two weeks. Was thinking of giving her a couple hundred dollars to pick up some cigars and hopefully save myself some cash. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions? What do I tell her? Where to go. What to buy? Boxes, Singles, Samplers? I guess these are the kind of questions only a newbie asks.