Monday, January 14, 2008

Hoyo de Tradicion - Epicure

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Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican blend

Cigar Stars Rating: 8.9

This little cigar was quite a surprise. Lets start with the beautiful Honduran-grown Viso Rosado wrapper which was cultivated from the Jamastran Valley. Its reddish-brown, toothy, and visually beautiful. The draw was good, with just the hint of drag. It is medium sized and medium bodied, with heavy leather notes for the first inch or so accompanied by subtle nutty, spicy undertones. This cigar burns perfectly, nice and slow. About midway this cigar begins to open up, the leather begins to fade into the background and the nutty, cedary tones really come out, with that same tickle of spice on the back of the palette. The ash is peppered white and holds strong till the halfway point. The finish brings back the original leather note but the spicy undertones that were present throughout the cigar come on strong and keep building until the last puff. This smoke is really fantastic, and CHEAP! At a little under $5 a stick, you really can't complain. Overall, very pleased.


Cigar Jack said...

These are a pretty good cigar, I smoked a couple of them awhile back and have been meaning to review them.

Anthony Rocco said...

Yes perfect cigar for the first review I thought. Tonight's review is written I just haven't posted it yet. It will be the Padron 80th Anniversario. If you have a cigar blog you want me to link to, give me the address. Thanks for reading!