Sunday, January 13, 2008

Were you listening to the Dude's story, Donnie?

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So here we are, post 1 of 1. First day, first post. I'm kind of nervous. I don't really know what possessed me to create a cigar blog, or even why I would think anyone would read it. But its 2008, and there's this new thing called the 'internet' and so I thought what the hell, if I can save just one of you from having a bad cigar it will have all been worth it. A bad cigar can ruin a good night. Sometimes it can even ruin the whole idea of cigar smoking for a newcomer and that is why it is important, nay imperative, that first-time smokers do some research before they go down to their local cigar shop. Otherwise they'll just get lost in the walk-in humidor and end up purchasing the cigar with the coolest looking band. This, as all aficionados know, would be a tragedy. As some of the worst cigars come in the greatest packaging.

So I am going to try and rate a different cigar every other night. I only rate cigars I would smoke again. This means my ratings will always be high. My advise, if you are new to cigars and are interested in the art of smoking, stick with the cigars I review.

I should also make a disclaimer as to my preferences in cigar tastes. I love medium to full-bodied cigars, but they must be balanced and complex. Cigars that are extremely strong and spicy (ie most Camacho's) are not my thing. I find it very hard to enjoy a cigar when your throat is parched from the peppery spice and your head is spinning due to cigar buzz. A good cigar should be smooth and relaxing. Its like the difference between Vodka and Single Malt Scotch. If you just want to get drunk, they can both take you to the same place, but if you want to savor the smells and flavors of what your drinking there is only one choice: the scotch. Put simply, I don't rate cigars that taste like dirt and pepper. I don't like them, and frankly, neither should you.



ablebodiedman said...

How many "dirt and pepper" cigars do you have to smoke before you find a good one?

ablebodiedman said...

I have smoked cigars where I get the buzz and a headache. Also smoked one once where the ammonia rush was debilitating. Being a newbie think I will try some of your suggestions before making too many of my own mistakes. I would be interested in knowing more about value. Are there some good deals! Do you really get what you pay for?

Anthony said...

you don't always get what you pay for. in the case of Padron cigars, you almost always do, BUT you really have to have developed a good palette before buying those cigars, otherwise you will be wasting your money on flavors you cannot even taste yet.

ablebodiedman said...

Tried one anyway. Still not certain I can identify all the different flavours however, have to agree it was a fantastic smoke. I have been trying out some Perdomo Cabinet series too! So far I think they are the best smoke for the price. Maybe I'll move to Nicaragua. How come people still seem to think the best cigars are made in Cuba? Admittedly the Cohiba's are an amazing smoke however, I think I can find similar for less than half the price.